Selasa, 10 Ogos 2010


~ So here's a story about 'THEM'..
..i was looking at the eyes of someone..full of sadness..a teary eyes which was so familiar to look for..trying to hide behind the wall of everything..put the mask on it and pretending saying that everything was alright..
..i know it wasn't easy since that..some mistakes happened and i am putting myself in a crossroad once again..x sanggup rasanya membiarkan hati 'MEREKA' terluka..everytime i saw them..sepertinya ada suatu suara berbisik mengatakan "u've won the 'BATTLE' already..Now everything is yours!"....
~~NO..NO..NO..what i had won recently..i saw myself in a selfishness way and a fierced face smilling,smirk like no other..i saw other people crying..deep inside they hurt so much more..there's a hole inside their heart that no one couldn't see what exactly they felt at time being..
..Everything expectation..
God..i dont want this way..PLS!this wasn't what i really wanted..never expected this will become this far..if i got one last chance..mau rasanya putarkan masa ke masa dulu..


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