Khamis, 9 September 2010

~Little princess..

~I wish i could be just like her..feel happy at all time,never worry about doubt at all..her world is one can stop her to smile..
i wish i could be just like her..sometimes when things become hard at time being,i just sitting alone in my own room and cry..i dont know what else to,i was shocked when i saw a few photos of my past..i was throwing it all before..i SWEAR,nothing left..i deleted all the memories between me and him and nothing left..PROMISE!
on what purpose did those photos was sent?i've no idea..but for sure,it's not for good..i was shaking and started grembling..dunno what happened to me,i took a deep breathe in between..made myself a little bit comfortable..but still,it's not work!
My Question is........WHY?someday..i'll find the answer..i know i'll find what i really wanted to know..

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